I took Rachel  for a drive to Garden of the Gods park today…to get her out of the house and distract her from her daily pain. We sat in the car and absorbed the beauty of the snow capped mountains of Pikes Peak. My purpose was to encourage her with God’s beauty and some fresh air…but as usual, my daughter Rachel encouraged me with her faith filled conversation…

It went something like this: “I have been reading Job in the Bible lately….I noticed many things. Job was angry with his situation when he spoke to his friends, however in his anger God still saw him righteous.  God is so good like that Mom!  I realized how Job was not aware of his situation in the spiritual realm….that God gave Satan permission to test Job….then I prayed….’God, I don’t know if my situation is a spiritual test, or just human disease in a fallen world…..either way, may I never be angry at you no matter what life brings me.’ ”

Then Rachel  shared with me her observation of how easily we get angry at God. She began to cry and said how God is so very good and never deserves our anger. She continued telling me that she is so sorry for God and how He must feel when we humans get mad at Him. She told me how much she loves God and would count herself extremely honored if God was allowing the enemy to test her to show him how much she loves God. That she loves Jesus so much she will go through anything for His purposes.

Her faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ once again inspired me. This young woman lives in pain daily, her vision is severely impaired and she can barely get out of bed….yet she continues to tell me what a good life she has, because she knows the Lord, and He knows her.

I am touched with the love that radiates out of Rachel…her love for God and her love for others. I feel honored to be her mother and take care of her through this trial. I am growing daily in my faith as I observe her attitude of joy in spite of her suffering. I thank you God.  (April 22,2014)




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